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Angela Ardis  is an exceptional writer of television, film, animation, live production, and ghostwriting.  She’s also written children’s books, poetry books, fiction and memoirs.


Angela reached international acclaim with her memoir entitled, ‘Inside a Thug’s Heart’ which was compiled of an exchange of letters, poetry and conversations with the late rapper Tupac Shakur. This memoir was published in hard cover in 2004, re-released in paperback in 2009 and Kindle released 2013. This award nominated book was also translated into Polish.

After a year of co-hosting the internet radio show ‘Talk with Angela and Hank’, she joined as co-host of the popular internet radio show ‘Lipstick, High Heels and B.S’ for Lipstick Radio which is due to relaunch in November 2019.

Angela has experienced some success in films (‘Black and Blue’ and ‘All I Want’) as well as television shows like (The Wayan’s Brothers). Modeling lent its hand to several projects (fashion shows: Reggio, Banu Paris, Farinae, Bonnie Strauss, and Don Sayres: Print: regional, national and international magazines such as Today’s Black Woman, Today’s Black Man, Jet, Aloette, Profiles Magazine, Black Market, Silk2, Mallory Furs and Playboy.)

Angela released several new book projects in 2013 and 2014.  A series entitled ‘The Block’ and ‘The Block: Truth Revealed’. The final installment of The Block series entitled 'The Block: The Labyrinth' is due for release in the fall of 2021. She will be turning the trilogy ‘The Block’ into a television series.

She’s also currently editing, rewriting and creating scripts, of clients and her own, as well as content and autobiographies.  The April 2020 release of 'D'LAI: The Journey Behind The Smile' is an autobiography co-written by Angela and the heavily sought after comedian D'LAI. They're collaborating on his next book which is due to be released September 2021.

In 2015, Angela joined a production company as Director of Content and Scriptwriter for their scripted television and film projects. Under the company’s umbrella, she’s received two co-screenwriting credits for the BET movies ‘Hollywood Hearts’ and ‘Keys to the City’ with many more coming down the pipe.

With over 26 years of writing a multitude of projects and scriptwriting experience, she’s written and/or co-written over 90 scripts, 25 original series, four original animation movies and television series, an erotica series, live production, internet content, tons of synopsis and treatments and seven books.. She is currently turning her book trilogy ‘The Block’ into a television series.

In 2020, Angela became Founder and CEO of BEHIND 4 WALLS ENTERTAINMENT LLC. A company layered with expansion opportunities. However, the initial platform showcases a multitude of projects written by Ardis and soon to be produced. Scripted an unscripted works; Film and Television scripts, Original series, Documentaries, Animation and live productions. In addition, she also co-founded 3III3 PRODUCTIONS LLC, a multifaceted specialty production company specializing in customizable content.



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