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Keys to the City (2019)

Russell Savage, a widower from Bankhead, is diligently campaigning to become the youngest Mayor in the history of Atlanta. August King, the man who took Russell and his brother Dunk under his wing, since they were kids, is his anxious opponent. Dynamics begin to shift when the beautiful Avery Long becomes a staffer for Russell's campaign. Russell finds himself fighting to hold on to everything he's worked so hard for while trying to sustain his composure, his position, and his life.

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Hollywood Hearts (2016)

A music artist who’s engrossed with his music industry lifestyle, finds it difficult to give up his ways for the woman he loves, the life he’s building and the ego he can’t let go of.  However, after a tragic turn of events and real friend interventions, he finds himself realizing that the industry will come and go but true love only comes around once in a lifetime.

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