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Autographed Paperback Book


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Five children, Robert, Troy, Reigna, Tina and Kora are trapped inside a labyrinth known as ‘The Block’. The inner workings of these children’s minds are released as we follow them from age ten to eighteen. Experiencing their journey through their struggle to cope, comprehend, and develop while dealing with extreme neglect, physical, mental, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse. They’re looking for love, all wanting something more, and all trying to figure a way out of their unfortunate circumstances. Born into a “no chance of a childhood” reality, they form an alliance against the ills that plague them all. They struggle. They cry out. They fight to survive. 

    A compelling and horrendous story of courage, faith, life, love and true friendship of five children, who through circumstances met, are enduring unimaginable hardships.  The lives of these children are unthinkable. Their fates were cast early in their childhood. You’ll find yourself laughing with them, rooting for them, crying for them and praying that they, all, make it off THE BLOCK..

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